Welcome To 2013

Fishing on Howard Lake

Fishing on Howard Lake

Happy New Year to all.   Well, we made it past Dec.21, (end of the world) and hopefully everything  will get back to normal (whatever that is).  Looking back on 2012 it was a very busy year in business as well as in our personal life.  We lost a very near and dear sister in law to cancer, had to put down our old horse Buddy, my brother and sister both split with their spouses, our oldest daughter got engaged (after 8 years) and our youngest daughter bought a house with her partner.  It was one hell of a year to say the least.

We did not even get to travel like we wanted and only took one camping trip up to Esker Lakes Provincial Park for 4 days, and would you know it, during the driest summer in a long time, we got rained on for 3 days.  Despite the rain though we managed to have a great time with our girls and their guys and got in some fishing, and had a chance to explore some of the shops in Kirkland Lake.

Looking ahead into the new new year, I am going to start to do less building construction (after 28 years it’s time to slow down a bit) and concentrate more on the web stores and working out of my workshop.  Here’s to hoping.  We are also wanting  to do A LOT MORE CAMPING AND TRAVELING this year and enjoy the short summer months.

Well that’s enough rambling on for one day, I hope everyone is well and here’s to a healthy, happy and prosperous 2013.

Rod & Heather :)

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